Windows Admin Center v2306

Windows Admin Center

Dopo molti mesi di attesa, rispetto all’ultimo rilascio, ecco arrivare una nuova build di Windows Admin Center disponibile in General Availability! La v2306 sbarca con tantissime nuove feature, miglioramenti, soprattutto sul comparto performance, ed una delle richieste più frequenti fatte dagli utenti: the cluster-aware event viewer tool. Ecco le novità introdotte:


  • WDAC support for WAC across server, client, and HCI

Core management tools:

  • Virtual machine management – export VM feature & improvements for VM load times
  • File editor
  • Cluster-aware event viewer
  • Context menu integration support for more tools

Azure Stack HCI:

  • Updates tool – enabled support for 1-node clusters and auto-detect cluster functional level updates
  • Cluster creation – bug fixes and improvements
  • GPU tool
  • New Diagnostics tool (Requirement: HCI with supplemental package)
  • HCI Security settings (Requirement: HCI with supplemental package)


  • Windows Admin Center in Azure
    • Access controlled by Azure RBAC roles
    • Over 50% faster than WAC on-premises due to global caching of UI via Azure CDN
    • Consistent, monthly updates
    • No need for inbound ports or firewall management
    • Automated and free-of-cost TLS certificate management
    • AAD authentication

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