Azure Active Directory Domain Services GA

Nella giornata di oggi, il team di prodotto ha ufficializzato la disponibilità di Azure Active Directory Services in General Availability. Per chi non conoscesse il prodotto, si tratta di una versione light del classico Active Directory, che viene offerto e parzialmente gestito da Microsoft, utile per joinare server che si trovano in ambienti IaaS.




Le novità introdotte, rispetto alla versione Preview, sono le seguenti:


  • Support for secure LDAP: You can access your managed domain using LDAPS (secure LDAP), including over the internet.
  • Custom OU support: Users in the ‘AAD DC Administrators’ delegated group can create and administer a custom organizational unit on your managed domain.
  • Configure managed DNS for your domain: Users in the ‘AAD DC Administrators’ delegated group can administer DNS on your managed domain using Windows Server DNS administration tools.
  • Domain join for Linux: We’ve worked with RedHat to document how you can join a RedHat Linux VM to your managed domain.
  • New and improved synchronization with your Azure AD tenant: We have re-designed the synchronization between your Azure AD tenant and your managed domain. For existing domains, this new improved synchronization has been rolled out automatically in a phased manner.
  • The ‘password does not expire’ attribute: Some accounts had the ‘password-does-not-expire’ attribute set on them, for example, service accounts. The password policy was being enforced for these accounts in managed domains, resulting in their passwords expiring. Passwords for such accounts will not expire.
  • Incorrect group display name for accounts created in Azure AD: The samAccountName attribute for groups created in Azure AD was not being set correctly in the managed domain. These were being set to GUIDs instead of valid samAccountName.
  • SID history sync: The on-premises primary user and group SIDs will now be synchronized to your managed domain and set as the SidHistory attribute on corresponding users and groups. This cool feature helps you lift-and-shift your workloads to Azure without having to worry about re-ACLing them.
  • Virtual network peering: The Azure networking team recently announced GA for virtual network peering. This awesome feature makes it easy to connect Domain Services to other virtual networks. You can connect a classic virtual network in which your managed domain is available to workloads deployed in resource manager virtual networks using network peering.


Per chi volesse maggiori dettagli, ecco un video tratto dalla Technical Cloud Day 2016 dove si parla di AADDS.