Azure File Sync v15.1

Azure File Sync

Una nuova versione di Azure File Sync agent, arrivato alla versione 15.1, è in fase di rilascio per tutti i server configurati per l’aggiornamento automatico, mentre a breve sarà disponibile all’interno Microsoft Update e Microsoft Download Center. Questo articolo contiene le novità rilasciate in questa nuova build:

  • Low disk space mode to prevent running out of disk space when using cloud tiering.
    • Low disk space mode is designed to handle volumes with low free space more effectively. On a server endpoint with cloud tiering enabled, if the free space on the volume reaches below a threshold, Azure File Sync considers the volume to be in Low disk space mode. In this mode, files are tiered to the Azure file share more proactively and tiered files accessed by the user will not be persisted to the disk. To learn more, see the low disk space mode section in the Cloud tiering overview documentation.
  • Fixed a cloud tiering issue that caused high CPU usage after v15.0 agent is installed.
  • Miscellaneous reliability and telemetry improvements.


  • L’update è disponibile per Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019 e Windows Server 2022
  • La versione dell’agent installata è la 15.1

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