Azure File Sync v17

Azure File Sync

Una nuova versione di Azure File Sync agent, arrivato alla versione 17, è in fase di rilascio per tutti i server configurati per l’aggiornamento automatico, mentre a breve sarà disponibile all’interno Microsoft Update e Microsoft Download Center.

Questo articolo contiene le novità rilasciate in questa nuova build:

Sync upload performance improvements

Sync upload performance has improved (performance numbers to be posted in the near future). This improvement will mainly benefit file share migrations (initial upload) and high churn events on the server in which a large number of files need to be uploaded.

Expanded character support for file and directory names

Azure File Sync now supports an expanded list of characters. This expansion allows for users to create and sync SMB File shares with file and directory names on par with NTFS file system, for valid Unicode characters.  For more information on unsupported characters, refer to the documentation here.

New cloud tiering low disk space mode metric

You can now configure an alert if a server is in low disk space mode. To learn more, see Monitor Azure File Sync.

Fixed an issue that caused the agent update to hang

Miscellaneous reliability and telemetry improvements for cloud tiering and sync


  • L’update è disponibile per Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019 e Windows Server 2022
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 richiede il .NET Framework versione 4.6.2 o superiore
  • La versione dell’agent installata è la 17

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Azure File Sync Agent v17 release: December 2023 (KB5023053)